Dream Building Secrets


Dream Building Secrets

Riley Dayne reveals how we can quickly rewire our subconscious with the flip of the switch: literally.

Our work, though, is to know what beliefs and stories we keep telling and living. Do you know? One way to know is to simply allow yourself to be an observer of your SELF.

What do you often say?

•I don't have time
•Who would want to do that with me?
•I'll never make that much money
•I'm always late

We tell ourselves story after story and the more I listen to myself, the more tired of my own self I get. 😫

Once you've become your own best observer and drink your own truth serum, defunk those limitations and REWIRE! ✨✨

This is what you do:

••••say: "I allow myself to turn on the light" (or open the door, or turn off the water, etc).

•••• do: exactly what you are allowing yourself.

•••• immediately follow by rewiring your belief. Say: "I allow myself to have more time" (to be open to receive, to be deserving, to love myself, to feel love, etc).

The ՏՄҌϹՕՂՏϹÍՕՄՏ is where our deepest held beliefs are wired! So in the same way that we are not quite aware that we are walking, talking on our phone and sipping chai at the same time, we are also likely unaware of our repetitive thoughts, stories and limitations.

The good news is: our subconscious is a sponge and if we lather, rinse, repeat, we can easily rewire and begin to feel differently --- and GREAT!.

I've been doing this for a few days and I already notice a difference.

Try it.

Consistency is key!