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Sometimes it can feel like the above picture (that's an attempt at blowing a bubble -- it's not my tongue.  ha!). 

We strive for it. 
We know it's needed in some area of our life. 
But it's difficult. 
It causes us to make a change in a daily habit or even eliminate something from our lives that maybe we don't want to eliminate. 
And the moment we fall off the wagon (because it's part of the process and we have all been there), we can be pretty hard on ourselves about it.

I often feel a struggle around the word: discipline.
It seems to be a word that is strict or a word we strive to be simply to please others. 

Do you agree? 

I want to flip that and allow us to find a set of boundaries that are personal for ourselves. 
Because inspired discipline can open doors.

This is how we find that clarity and ease of life that feels so DAMN good!

What would you like to have more boundaries with? 
And how do we keep our focus on those boundaries?
We will always experience ups and downs, riding the wagon and falling off the wagon. 

It's important to remind ourselves to keep placing one foot in front of the other, REGARDLESS. 

Just do it. 

Don't buy into the hesitation that I like to call a momentary hiccup.
Hesitation can actually cause imbalance.

THIS is the testing point of the discipline that you have desired -- this is the work! 
This determination and work will open doors to the support you need.

The only person that can keep you on track, is YOU.

So make an intentions list -- what do you intend to do?

Make a juice daily?
Give yourself space?
Take that trip you've been craving in your bones?
Stop procrastinating?
Stop looking for external guidance and TRUST yourself?  Use meditation for leverage.

And most importantly, after all is said and done and written down and acknowledged:


After all, you are an amazing human full of abundant energy. 

You belong and you deserve.

Go get what you want out of life.....