How I Do, What I Do....


So you want to know how I do, what I do?

I get messages all of the time, asking me questions, asking me to meet for coffee, asking me for the smallest piece of advice.  I don't say that in a stuck up manner.  I am grateful for all of you that reach out and I truly value curiosity.  However, I have strong boundaries with my time due to my health and my travel schedule.  I am also someone who wishes to empower you to find the answers in your own way, because believe me, the pay off is so much better when you take a look back and say "HELL YES, I created that".  Yet I do also believe in being supportive and supported.  We are all doing the best we can with what we have.  This I know. 

I am a self learner.  I love to learn things on my own and in my own time.  I will research the crap out of something until I know it left and right, up and down.  It actually lights me up to be such a researcher of my own life and career.  And I love to take risks because in my experience, that is the EXACT place where we find gain in what we are building and creating.  On top of that, risk provides us the opportunity to fail.  And if that scares you, then I'll be honest, maybe what you are thinking about doing, isn't for you.  Failing is part of the process.  Failing is needed.  Failing makes you stronger and provides some of the most profound lessons.  The most beautiful thing about "failing" (and I put that in quotes because, really, is it failing or is that our perspective?) is that we are always ok.  In fact, we grow stronger because of it all.

With all of this being said, YES, I am willing to help any of you.  Yet I offer it as a consult or program and the choice is yours, depending on your needs.

My career research and figuring out how to do what I do has cost me my time, my marriage, and my health.  Those things are valuable to me and above all, so is my own self worth and value.  This is why I am offering my tips, information, and leverage to you at a worthwhile experience and price.

I am always here for you.  And this is what it looks like:

WAIT -- you thought I was going to give you all of the answers, didn't you? 

If you have been to my workshops or retreats or know me well enough, you know that's not how I roll.  I am a teacher.  I want to empower you.  I want you to learn.  And if I gave you all of the answers, I can guarantee you might not follow through with it all.  Having the answers is boring.  However, I will give you tools and insights and ideas that are going to leverage what you want to bring to life! 

One hour (you can live anywhere, because we can skype or zoom or facetime):  $150

Three sessions (3 hours):  $395

What you get:

One hour with me to ask me anything you want.  Of course, there is a format, as I send you a list of questions prior to our session so we can maximize our time together.

We can talk:

Traveling and teaching // studio connections // building an audience // your community // thinking outside of the box // other ways to gain exposure// and more.....

If you are more interested in running retreats, we can talk:

Venues // site visits // pricing // marketing // before, during, and after a retreat // number of people // financials and behind the scenes // what to look for when creating a retreat // communication // whether or not to offer discounts // what NOT to do // what happens when someone cancels //  the single MOST important thing to do // social media // and more......

So what do you say?

The YES is what lights you up, what your soul craves, what you are meant to do.

Owning your shit is key.  Having a plan is imperative.  Knowing your WHY is like oxygen.

I'm happy to help.  Reach out via the connect tab.