June 9 and 10th, Balance within Imbalance


June 9 and 10th, Balance within Imbalance


Balance within Imbalance

15 hours to learn, explore, gain information and insight that will benefit your yoga practice, yoga teachings, and your all-around awareness.  

This weekend is for students of life, all levels.

This weekend must be paid in full.  The days are not sold separately.

June 9 and 10th, 2018

at the Purple Yurt in Fraser, Colorado
9a-5p each day

June 9th with Meredith Cameron

This day will consist of exploring and sitting with imbalance and what it really means in our life and our yoga poses.  Scratching the surface of our awareness, we will begin to really dust it all off and learn where our balance/imbalance thresholds are.  The experience of imbalance and what to do with it will be of importance and as contrast always leads to clarity, both contrast and boundaries will be explored.

Journaling, meditation, and discussion are also part of this day.

<> What stories do your yoga poses tell the world and how well do they hold up?

<> What injuries are you perpetuating with habits and can we shift them to begin to heal?
<> What do you really want to be communicating with your energy (the dusting process)?
<> Are you too supported or not supported enough?

<> Do your aches and pains cause the imbalance or vises versa?
<> Why should you care?  Because this is how the world begins to change.  It’s so much easier to see others than it is to see yourself.  The hard work is the self work and the self work changes the world.

June 10th with Rose Shattell

The second day will build on the conversation of balance and imbalance. Once the dust clears and the surface is scratched how do you put it all to use? The world is constantly moving and changing and once you think you’ve found your feet and caught your balance over one obstacle you will find  yourself standing in front of the next. We will look at strategies and tools for finding stability and creating boundaries in the movement and changing conditions. Learn how to go with the flow without being swept away.

<>What does it mean to be aware and maintain healthy boundaries when you are juggling more then one pose?
<>Do some poses simply not flow well together? What are you forcing your way through? How does it feel?
<>How do you feel stable and rooted when nothing else does?
<>The self work that we do has a noticeable and important effect on all of our external interactions. It is important to learn how to move well yourself so that you can move well through your relationship and in the world.

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