October 13-14th, Charleston


October 13-14th, Charleston


Workshops at Mission Yoga. Charleston, SC.

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Saturday, October 13


Upper Body Release

Our upper bodies are always doing all of the work. Sometimes too much and then we end up having aches and pains for might seem like no reason at all.

No wonder we love to use our upper bodies. In Taoism, our upper bodies are our potential and capacity. But how can we, instead use the leverage of our feet and legs, to allow our potential and capacity (the upper body) to be full of FREEDOM?

Come learn and play, as we dive into tools to help to help us rewire the energy usage throughout our body just by using our legs and feet.

We will also connect the dots, learning which parts of the feet are connected to what on our bodies (through Taoism and Chinese medicine) and begin to allow any aches and pains the opportunity to rest.

Our upper body holds our organs and the essence of this practice is about letting our organs work in a nice, spacious home.

Sunday, October 14


Puzzle Pieces

How well aligned are we to our lives? Physically speaking, we are designed to "fit".

Come explore the various "fits" of our bodies and what they mean. As we learn how to fit ourselves, our lives begin to make more sense also.

We move through fits that make our hips more available, that awaken and stimulate the glands, and we will speak of the endocrine system and how their relationship with the chakra system.

"Fits" also allow us to plug in and expend our energy efficiently. So much comes out of a simple fit, yet the challenge it truly plugging into ourselves. That's when currency, oxygen, blood and information begin to flow. And it feels SO good.


Dates: October 13th and 14th

Times: 12:30-3:30pm (each day)

Investment: $40 per day or $70 for both

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