Meredith taught me SO MUCH during our intensive in October. Meredith’s Yoga Stability® method totally revived my personal practice & changed my teaching style. If you can’t tell, I highly recommend learning her Stability method, whether you are a casual yogi or seasoned teacher.
— Emma
I suffered from bad feet for over 13 years. I did ALL of the procedures the doctor’s suggested for a surgery for plantar fasciitis.

I felt pretty good for a while and then my pain eased back in, and there was nothing more to try or do. So, I wrapped and bandaged and took as much Alieve as my stomach could take.

I met Meredith and began working with her. I became aware of how I placed my feet, how I walked, and just did things differently. I began to teach my yoga classes the same way. I truly don’t know when it happened, but one day I realized I didn’t know where my orthotics were or when the last time I taped up my feet. I knew it was the way I changed my yoga postures, but I am also very cautious and I don’t jump on bandwagons. So I told myself, and probably Meredith too, that I’d believe it 100% if I didn’t have to wrap or medicate my feet through the end of the year. Fast forward to February and my feet are still doing amazing simply from changing up my habits.
— Lisa
I feel so determined and on the right track after Meredith’s classes. What Meredith suggested for my personal practice just clicked — pushing my left heel down in just about every situation, even off of the mat. It’s waking up the whole left side of my body and now I know what to work on!
— James