Familiar poses but in a different way.

In a way that is tailored for YOUR body.

When you do something familiar in a different way, do you know what happens?

New pathways are created within your nervous system.

When new pathways are created within your nervous system, do you know what happens?

You see what's possible.



October 26 + 27th, Downpatrick, Northern Ireland

*this is the last training I will be offering as I am focusing on nourishing my health



We learn to read information about ourselves.  The more we know, the more leverage we have to consistently up the ante on our lives and become a better version of ourselves.

It's way more than just yoga poses tailored to your body (even though it is hands-down amazing to learn). 

Our poses actually show us where our story holds up and what story we are even telling ourselves, where we feel supported and where we don't, and how long we can keep our shit together.

This is life.  This is seeing ourselves for who we are and that is our ground zero in which to build from.  Can we shake and build new pathways?  Can we cry and relieve our kidneys?  Can we celebrate and stimulate the heart? 

So back to the question:  What kind of yoga is Yoga Stability®?  It's a blend of poses learned through over 300 hours of Katonah Yoga® studies, 500 hours of vinyasa studies, ashtanga training, and other experiences such as restorative yoga modules, teacher weekends with Elena Brower, and loads and loads of time spent discussing and continually embodying with Melissa French in NYC.

This is a practice to explore familiar poses in a way that allows your organs to function optimally and your body to begin to heal.

We don't practice yoga to get an injury or perpetuate a pain.  We practice yoga to get to know ourselves, shedding habits that no longer serve us and cultivating new ones that help us function better.

Our poses show us what's possible but we have to be willing to look.

This is all about cultivating a new, better functioning relationship with ourselves.

To allow our organs to work efficiently.

To really tap into our personal capacity and LIGHT things up.

Both students and teachers, of all levels, are always welcome.

This is truly a practice for go-getters, people who want to make a change to benefit their health, and those who know that doing the work is THE secret.



△ uncovers and sheds insight on our habits that lead to "ah-ha" moments about our health and patterns and yoga poses.

△ dives deep into seven tactics to find yoga poses tailored for your personal structure

△ explores exit strategies for our aches and pains

△ helps joint spaces become unstuck so energy and blood and oxygen can flow *consistently* and find efficiency

△ explores our boundaries by using our bone structure

△ awakens our feet and our lower body, and learn to bring our potential and capacity FORWARD

△ Daoism and Chinese medicine are infused.  I study Daoism consistently under the Danto Dragon Gate lineage and Chinese Medicine is studied with Master FaXiang Hou.

△ touches on restorative poses for your organs

You will never be the same. Guaranteed.