So you want to teach a yoga retreat, but you’re unsure where to start?

Or maybe you’ve taught a yoga retreat, but you would like some fine tuning?

Perhaps you are in the middle of organizing and marketing your own yoga retreat now, but you need a liftoff?

You’re in the right place. I feel ecstatic that I get to share this with all of you because I get asked over and over again how it is that I do what I do? How have I built a successful yoga retreat aspect to my business? Let me tell you one thing: I am someone who makes sure everything is TOP NOTCH.

I am here to share with you my tips, tricks, hard-knock experiences, insight and help you map out the retreat that you dream of teaching.


I want to work with people who are truly interested in upping their yoga retreat game with integrity.

Integrity? Yes…integrity. I actually have a lot of venue owners tell me how many yoga teachers have been a poor example with payment, with being a responsible teacher during retreat, etc. This is why some venues now only keep slots open for teachers they know.

This program will consist of a one-on-one skype/facetime calls where we get crystal clear about everything you need to know and everything you want. From there, we map it out with logistics. This is when it begins to feel real and therefore begins to feel really scary.

This program doesn’t mean you must teach a yoga retreat now, but it will provide you with the potent tools that you need when it’s time.

After we map out logistics, we will meet with phone calls/face time for as many times as you need within the process. These are simple check-in calls that will keep the fire under your ass LIT.


What to be doing before, during, and after a retreat.

Questions that you must ask the venues.

What to look for when choosing a venue.

The best thing you can do to gain your best understanding of a retreat.

The ONE thing you need to make this all come together.

The ONE thing NOT to do (drives me nuts)!

What organizing and teaching a retreat TRULY consists of - we’re going to get real.

Who are your clients? How to build clients and marketing.

Money - that deposit, though…..

What a yoga retreat ISN’T

This program is designed to amplify feelings of confidence and success, but you must do the work.


It seems toooooooo easy, right? This is it? This is all you have to do?

Trust me, you want in on this. I have been keeping notes for years.

The time has come to share this with you.

This program is offered at $379 per person.

If you want to see changes in your business, you must invest in yourself and your tool belts


One-on-one skype/facetime calls

Follow up communication to keep the fire LIT

My personal attention to your personal dreams (this is why I never wanted to create just ONE program, because not one size fits with all dreams and visions)

$379 for this one-of-a-kind program

It’s not just a “check list” of things for you. It’s the tips and tricks that no one tells you about PLUS the secrets to stay on your game. Even better, you can apply this program to all areas of life!


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If you want to be a part of this program, receiving one-on-one time with me where I share with you everything I’ve ever experienced and documented, the time is now!

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