This space is to learn more about what I teach, where we can meet for a training or a retreat, and to connect.

Yoga Stability®: It's not a yoga practice.  It's a yoga experience.




Honored to be a part of Camden Hoch’s Truth & Dare podcast. This woman has inspired me since the day I met her, at a yoga class in San Francisco.

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Yoga Stability® Intensive Weekends

Intensive weekends are designed for both the casual student and the teacher to experience and connect to new perspectives.  We dive deep - learn what your own set of conditions even means and how the organs play a role in every yoga pose.


Retreats are more about life and less about yoga.  An opportunity to take a step back and see the bigger picture in an amazing location is the focus.  Life, community, laughing, connection [and yoga] is what you'll experience with me.  I teach 4-6 retreats annually.


I love to laugh.  A lot.  And I also love my job more than anything in the world.  I am constantly studying and learning because it lights me up and my hope is to always teach you something new, no matter how many times we meet in real life.