An international yoga teacher and the founder of Yoga Stability®; an awakening of familiar yoga poses by cultivating awareness around personal habits and bone structure so that one can ignite their organs and really up the ante on overall health and life.

I travel teaching workshops, retreats, and intensives that give you tools to be a well-informed individual. I proudly admit that my teachings are one of a kind, as I have seen the need for everyone to wake up to their own personal set of conditions and realize that not all cues are created equal.

My teachers inspire me and influence me daily: Melissa French, Abbie Galvin, Shannon Paige, and Elena Brower, Master FaXiang Hou, and Taoism is explored under the Dantao Dragon Gate with German Sanmateu. 

Studies include over 500 hours of vinyasa, 150 hours ashtanga, over 300 hours Katonah, teacher modules with Elena Brower, meditation courses with Yashoda Devi Ma, self study with Daoist teacher and Shaman, German Sanmateu, and ongoing Chinese medicine studies.

I am absolutely honored to be named by Yoga Journal as one of the "15 top-tier internationally renowned yoga teachers to study with ASAP".  Click HERE to read more.




Meredith taught me SO MUCH during our intensive in October. Meredith’s Yoga Stability® method totally revived my personal practice & changed my teaching style. If you can’t tell, I highly recommend learning her Stability method, whether you are a casual yogi or seasoned teacher.
— Emma
I suffered from bad feet for over 13 years. I did ALL of the procedures the doctor’s suggested for a surgery for plantar fasciitis.

I felt pretty good for a while and then my pain eased back in, and there was nothing more to try or do. So, I wrapped and bandaged and took as much Alieve as my stomach could take.

I met Meredith and began working with her. I became aware of how I placed my feet, how I walked, and just did things differently. I began to teach my yoga classes the same way. I truly don’t know when it happened, but one day I realized I didn’t know where my orthotics were or when the last time I taped up my feet. I knew it was the way I changed my yoga postures, but I am also very cautious and I don’t jump on bandwagons. So I told myself, and probably Meredith too, that I’d believe it 100% if I didn’t have to wrap or medicate my feet through the end of the year. Fast forward to February and my feet are still doing amazing simply from changing up my habits.
— Lisa
I feel so determined and on the right track after Meredith’s classes. What Meredith suggested for my personal practice just clicked — pushing my left heel down in just about every situation, even off of the mat. It’s waking up the whole left side of my body and now I know what to work on!
— James

Teaching international workshops, retreats and Yoga Stability® intensives, Meredith gives you the space to learn something new, gaining insight and intelligence around how we show up in this world and on the yoga mat.


Meredith has taught and written for Yoga Journal and submits content for Wanderlust, Mojo Yoga, Elephant Journal and other platforms.  Click on the photos below to read.

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